Mrs. LashLift® is a unique revolutionary Lash Lift treatment where we work with a maximum of 17 minutes of contact time, which makes it possible to deliver your customers full lifted eyelashes that stay beautiful for weeks. The use of an eyelash curler is therefore unnecessary. Lash Lifting is the latest technology in the beauty industry and can be used on all eyelashes. This unique treatment with silicone rods is suitable for every type of eyelash and for both short and long eyelashes. Lash Lifting by means of silicone pads is in contrast to eyelash permers using harmful eyelash curlers not harmful to your eyelashes, and gives a complete nutrition from the hair root.

Mrs. LashLift ® is a great treatment and a real addition to the salon! The added value is in the quality that the customer can offer and make it possible to increase the turnover in the salon. Customers will be very satisfied time and time again with the result that is visible for no less than 6 to 8 weeks!

Benefits of a Mrs. LashLift ® Lash Volume Lift:
- Remains visible for up to 6 weeks
- Is visible immediately after the treatment
- No more eyelash curler needed
- No further maintenance required
- Can also color the eyelashes by painting the eyelashes
- Feels light and natural to the touch .
- More glance, the eyes appear larger.
- The Lash Volume Lift is not harmful to your own lashes.
- Resistant to water, shower, sweating, tears, swimming and sleeping.


Only the best and safe ingredients. Mrs. LashLift® products are developed with the most safe and high-quality ingredients. This is Mrs. LashLift® succeeded in setting up a Lash Volume Lift system with very short exposure times, but still mild and safe to use without damaging the natural lashes.

Mrs. LashLift® products are produced within the EU, 100% animal-free, Vegan, and in compliance with all EU laws and regulations. Mrs. products LashLift® have been completely safely assessed by approved assessors and registered with CPNP (European Cosmetic Governance Body) to comply with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.