We want to change the way we color and we present you a game changing brand: BrowTycoon®

BrowTycoon® the brand in the field of facial hair coloring. BrowTycoon® has a very strong desire to be innovative and progressive in the market. BrowTycoon® Henna makes it possible to color facial hair without the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. In addition to the facial hair, BrowTycoon® Henna also colors the skin, increasing the intensity and with a visibility of up to 8 weeks of the intense effect. BrowTycoon® Henna is available in 10 different colors. This makes it suitable for everyone and suitable for every skin and hair color.

BrowTycoon® also offers a special BrowTycoon® Wax line, BrowTycoon® Men line with all products for coloring male facial hair such as eyebrows, mustaches and beards and of course the BrowTycoon® Tools which are required for use with the BrowTycoon® Henna and - or wax.